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Views Roana and surroundings


The natural environment of the plateau, and Roana in particular, is suitable for hikers of all ages looking for fresh air and amazing landscapes. The area ranges from 700m in altitude to 2300m above sea level. From the mountains to the “contrade”, through the woods and the fields, emotions and the sense of peace will persuade even the least keen hiker.


Relaxing moments can be enjoyed by the recently improved small local lake, reachable on foot.


PFor the bravest guests an afternoon at Akropark or Tanzerpark are a must.


Several sports can be practiced: in winter the best snow facilities can be easily and quickly reached by car. The proximity of the hotel to other sport facilities enables our guests to choose all year round between football, tennis, bocce, biking, ice skating and swimming. At the swimming pool in Canove you can also benefit from the presence in the gym of a certified personal trainer who is a member of the Fabris family.

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